Wondering what kind of recipes you will find on my site? Well for starters, everything I cook is gluten free. Some of my recipes are also free of various other allergens, like egg, milk, nuts and tomatoes, to name a few. I have struggled with intolerances to different foods over the years and had babies that struggled with intolerances as well, so cooking this way has become a way of life.

Overall, I try to feed my family a nutrient-dense, low glycemic diet. Often we eat Primal or at least grain-free, and I try to follow as many of the Weston Price guidelines as I can. Organic and non-GMO are high priority. As much as I can, I try to make my own treats that follow my diet preferences so my family and I can enjoy eating a treat without a shred of guilt! 

People have gathered around food for centuries. As human beings, food not only provides the nourishment we need to survive, it also stimulates our senses and brings us together. I love food, and I don't let my diet preferences get in my way of finding and masterminding delicious recipes. Taste abounds, and I hope that you are able to find something here to satisfy your craving for taste!

I will archive all of my recipes here, so keep checking back. I have lots of delicious, nutritious and easy recipes to share!


Baked Goods & Dessert


Dinner - one pot meals

Dinner - protein

Side Dishes, Vegetables & Salads

Meal Combination Ideas

When combining food to make a meal, I aim for 1/2 a plate of low-carb veggies, 1/4 plate of protein, fat used without fear and sometimes 1/4 a plate of starch. I will provide some meal combination ideas below for those who are looking for inspiration for complete, nutritious meals.

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