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A new source of ideas for those who crave taste!

by Laura Duffy
Hello and welcome! My name is Laura and I’m so excited to be starting a blog detailing all of my delicious recipes and pretty creations!
Introducing a new source of ideas for delicious healthy easy gluten free vegan paleo recipes and budget friendly decor and DIY

It all started when we first moved into our current house a little over two years ago. There was a lot of work to be done. The kitchen needed remodeled, new window coverings were essential, wallpaper needed removed and almost every surface needed painted. We had set aside as much money as we could afford to complete the work, but we were really going to have to use our imaginations to stretch our money. We worked with a contractor for most of the kitchen and did what we could ourselves. I got help from a friend and interior decorator to get me started on the décor, but for the rest and continuing projects, I turned to the internet. I browsed Houzz and blogs on Google for ideas and found a plethora of inspiration. I have so many creative minds to thank for inspiring me!

I also have a lot of food bloggers to thank. I’ve known for awhile now that I am sensitive to wheat, but when I had babies that relied on me for sustenance, I discovered that we all had more food sensitivities than that. My diet during that time was pretty restricted. It was devastating at first, but some wonderful food bloggers out there provided delicious recipes that assured me that I could still satisfy my craving for taste.
It was after I relied on other bloggers for inspiration that I realized how powerful blogging can be. Sharing what I do is why I’m starting Taste Abounds, because I hope to inspire others as other bloggers inspired me. I learned a lot having a career in Banking and then Nutrition, but now that I am a stay-at-home mother to two young children, I have come full circle back to my creative roots. Cooking, an eye for beauty, creating things and bargain shopping has always come naturally to me. During the past few years it has occupied my free time, and I’m excited to be starting a blog to write about it!

Delicious Recipes

Wondering what kind of recipes you will find on my site? Well for starters, everything I cook is gluten free. Some of my recipes are also free of various other allergens, like egg, milk, nuts and tomatoes, to name a few. I have struggled with intolerances to different foods over the years and had babies that struggled with intolerances as well, so cooking this way has become a way of life.

Overall, I try to feed my family a nutrient-dense, low glycemic diet. Often we eat Primal or at least grain-free, and I try to follow as many of the Weston Price guidelines as I can. Organic and non-GMO are high priority, and easy is essential! As much as I can, I try to make my own treats that follow my diet preferences so my family and I can enjoy eating a treat without a shred of guilt! 

People have gathered around food for centuries. As human beings, food not only provides the nourishment we need to survive, it also stimulates our senses and brings us together. I love food, and I don’t let diet preferences get in my way of finding and masterminding delicious recipes. I can’t wait to share my recipes with you!

Wine and Cocktails

I admit it. I’m a wine snob.
I’m not the type of person that can walk into a restaurant and say, “I’ll have a glass of red.”  No, I have to ask questions about each (affordable) wine’s qualities and taste a couple of them before deciding. No matter how desperate I am to drink. Servers hate me.

The truth is, I’d rather not drink wine at all than drink bad wine. And good wine costs money. There are some things in life that I can say, “why do people spend that much?!” and I can truthfully say that I can find or make the same product, equally-nice, at a fraction of the cost. Not wine. No, I love me some expensive wine, the few times I’ve been fortunate enough to have it. It’s ruined me.

So my challenge has been to find wines that intrigue me that are still within the budget I can justify spending on liquid bliss (currently $10 a bottle or less). I’m happy to say that I’ve found several very good options AND I’m going to share them with you! Keep in mind that these are based on my very specific tastes. I do not like wine that is exceptionally dry or acidic, I prefer red wine that has jammy and earthy qualities. Syrah and petite syrah, red zinfandel and merlot usually provide an option I like, but I also like a good cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir. On hot days I sometimes have a white wine, like a buttery chardonnay or viogner, and I occasionally enjoy a port or vin de glace.

On the (rare) occasion that I crave something other than wine, I enjoy low-sugar cocktails like a gin and tonic or an old fashioned. But no red dye in my cherry juice, please! That’s right, I even try to make my alcoholic beverages “healthier”.

I’m not a sommelier or wine expert, I’m just a mom that likes to drink great wine and other beverages on a small budget. I’ll share my favorites with you, and hopefully in a way that makes you want to say “cheers”!  

Décor & DIY

The word “taste” doesn’t just refer to happy taste buds, it also encompasses all things beautiful, such as taste in home décor and taste in fashion. It’s true that I love to satisfy my taste buds, but I also have an eye for beauty and enjoy making a large variety of non-edible things. I’ve made everything from clothes and pillows to baby items and furniture. But why do I go to all the trouble of making things, you ask? It’s fun! I love bringing substance to an item I dreamed up in my head, and I love that anything I make will be one of a kind. It will start conversations and keep my interest. It will be unique.

But making it will also be therapeutic. That’s right, after a crazy day with the kids, I crave the quiet time spent creating something beautiful.

There’s also another reason I make things – I think it’s the reason why most people make things – and that is to save money! I have some refined bargain shopping skills, but scouring retailers for décor items and clothes I like does not always result in affordable options (as much as I may enjoy the retail therapy). That’s when it comes in handy to be crafty! I hope to show you that being surrounded by beauty can be affordable.


Bargain Shopping

Not only will I provide ideas for how to satisfy your craving for taste, but those ideas will be budget friendly! I don’t think you need to have a lot of money to eat delicious and nutritious food or be surrounded by beauty. Taste abounds, so with some determination and clever tricks, you can satisfy your craving for taste. 

What to Expect…

I will be adding posts weekly, more at first as I build my blog. I have to share everything from furniture made from pallets and cute tank tops made from men’s tshirts to amazing cookies that you don’t have to feel guilty about eating. If you have a craving for taste, it is my hope that you can find ideas to satisfy it here!
Subscribe to my feed and follow me on social media so you don’t miss a thing, contact me with questions or feedback and enjoy!

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