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DIY No Sew Infinity Scarf

by Laura Duffy
  Super easy, DIY no sew infinity scarf made in about 10 minutes. It's an inexpensive way to make an infinity scarft, and the perfect homemade Christmas gift / present!

We finally got our first snow here after a stretch of unusually warm weather, and between the snow and the chilly nights, it finally feels like mid-November. Maybe now we can put away the t-shirts and flip flops and keep the scarves and boots out for a few months?

I love scarves, so I’m actually super excited about the arrival of scarf weather! I have a pretty big collection of scarves, so I really didn’t need to add another one to my collection. But I found myself wanting more solid-colored scarves to go with a few patterned shirts I got recently, and it gave me just the excuse I needed to add another scarf to my collection.

Knit or crochet scarves are warm and stylish, but I don’t know how or have the time or patience to knit or crochet. Thankfully, this way of making scarves is super easy! It doesn’t require any sewing, and you can make a scarf in about 10 minutes. It’s a great way to build a unique scarf collection on a budget. A DIY infinity scarf would also make a beautiful, budget-friendly Christmas present for a friend or family member!

A lot of DIY infinity scarf tutorials use the body of a t-shirt. Although it’s an easy way to create a stretchy loop without sewing, I found that for a solid color, the scarf looked rather boring. I think that a fabric with a lot of texture works best if you want a solid-colored scarf. If you want a patterned, multicolored scarf, you have lots of options! You could even use this tutorial to convert a regular scarf into an infinity scarf. I used a really pretty fabric that I found for a bargain on at Joann. I bought 2/3 of a yard and it was almost 60 inches wide, which is a great length for an infinity scarf. You can see, though, that the salvage ends of the fabric didn’t leave me any material to sew a hem.

Apparel Knit Fabric-Grey Linear Open Weave Sknit. Item #15217482 at Joann

Instead of attaching the ends by sewing a hem, I just cut strips about 2″ long on each end and used the strips to tie the fabric together in knots.

DIY infinity scarf made by cutting strips and tying fabric together in knots. No sewing required!

Not only did I tie the 2″ strips together, I tied the ends hanging out of the knots together to add more stability. Don’t worry about the knots showing. You can easily wrap this scarf so that the knots are well hidden!

infinity scarf made by tying fabric together in knots instead of sewing

This scarf was super easy to make. It only took about 10 minutes, didn’t require any sewing skills, and only cost me about $5 after using all of the coupons I could find for my purchase at Joann. That’s quite a bargain considering that most stores charge around $20 for a scarf!

So there you have it! A tutorial for a DIY no sew infinity scarf that is super easy and only takes about 10 minutes. I hope you find it helpful it you want more beautiful scarves without spending a fortune, or if you are looking for ideas for homemade Christmas presents!

Super easy, DIY no sew infinity scarf made in about 10 minutes. It's an inexpensive way to make an infinity scarft, and the perfect homemade Christmas gift / present!

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