DIY Twig Christmas tree - Minimalist, Rustic & Budget-Friendly Holiday Decor

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Minimalist Christmas Tree, Unique Christmas Tree, Rustic Christmas Tree, Budget-friendly Christmas Tree
I love almost everything about our house, but one of the few complaints I have is magnified at this time of year. There really isn't a great place to put a full-size Christmas tree in front of a window! I suppose I need to admit that it could be due to my choice in furniture arrangement. But hey, a good furniture arrangement was tricky to figure out for our living room, so I'm sticking with it! Still, I absolutely love the look of a dazzling Christmas tree visible from outside, and my love for this look inspired my creativity.

The second Christmas we were in our home, I was inspired by a sort of Charlie Brown Christmas tree I saw on Houzz. My wheels started turning and I came up with a fabulous idea for a festive and unique decoration in our front window - a twig tree! It is minimalist yet interesting, and budget-friendly to say the least. I decorated it with ornaments from the Dollar Tree and cut down an invasive bush in our backyard to make it. I accomplished both décor and yard work with one beautiful twig Christmas tree!   

Twig Christmas tree decorated with ornaments from Dollar Tree, budget-friendly Christmas tree, unique Christmas tree

There are inspiring photos on Pinterest that use a beautiful vase with sand, presents or bulbs as the base.

While I love the look, it was not practical for my situation. My kids would knock it over or scatter the bulbs and sand all over the house in a matter of minutes! And given the inevitable interest my kids would have in the tree, I needed a heavy base that wouldn't break or tip easily. With my brain trying to combine pretty with practical, I came up with the idea to use a plastic jar inside a box for the vase and keep it upright by surrounding it with bricks and small boxes. Then I taped the box closed, wrapped it with burlap, and tied it with a ribbon that matched my décor. It created a sort of burlap-wrapped present look. I love the way it turned out!
Minimalist Christmas Tree, Unique Christmas Tree, Rustic Christmas Tree, Budget-friendly Christmas Tree, Burlap Christmas Tree, Dollar Tree Christmas Ornaments

My DIY twig Christmas tree has turned into my favorite Christmas decoration in our house! It is minimalist yet interesting, and it cost a grand total of $10, which was the cost of the ornaments and ribbon at the Dollar Tree. Not bad considering that it is adorning our living room for the third year!

Minimalist Christmas Tree, Unique Christmas Tree, Rustic Christmas Tree, Burlap Christmas Decor, Budget-friendly Christmas Tree

Now I have a festive tree gracing our front window for the holidays. I love that it's pretty and interesting, and my kids are amused by the ornaments. It's unique, minimalist, rustic-chic and budget-friendly. It's a great Christmas decoration!

What do you think of this twig Christmas tree? Let me know in the comments below!

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